Friday, October 8, 2010

Room Re-do

On Friday I decided that I am done with this painting. There is not much else to do to it and I think it is best to stop before I over do it. Now I will be starting on a few new paintings and a drawing.

Today we reorganized the front room. We moved the desk from one side to another and vacuumed and cleaned.

After cleaning the room we went to Grant's dads house to pick up the bed for the room.

He has been storing the bed for a while.

I asked Grant to take a picture of me and he took one while I was walking! Oy!

Thank god we literally live one street over because the mattresses were half hanging off the van.

Here are some videos of the room. Wish I had taken a before video, oh well.

There is still a lot to get done, get sheets and decorate but I am not worried because there is plenty of time before my mom comes to visit.


beeswax said...

Yay, my room is shaping up! Mattresses look good (no bed-bugs I hope).
Your painting is beautiful. It will look great in someone's living room. For a price $$$

Love the video tour.

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