Monday, November 29, 2010

A Weekend Away

On Friday afternoon we drove up to Doubtless Bay to Grant's family bach. Saturday we went on a walk to a beach where we were the only people.

It was a beautiful day.

The grass was so thick Grant decided to jump down in it.

Then I jumped on him and he rolled me haahahha

Here he is trying to make a grass body imprint. It didn't work hahaha

I was able to collect lots of shells. I plan to make a shell wreath.

Cooling down in the shade

Back at the bach relaxing

All the flowers are in bloom

Here we are at a look out point on our way home on Sunday.

On our way home we took a ferry over to Russel, NZ's first capitol, and had lunch.

I had the fish and chips and it tasted amazing.

We got home at night and we were so tired we unpacked the car and went to sleep.
Monday my mom and I drove out to one tree hill for a walk and lunch. In my opinion the food was a little over priced and not that yummy but it was a fun day.

On our way home we stopped by the store and made a huge Mexican Fiesta. We ate burritos, salsa, tequila drinks we call bananarama, and much more.

We were so full it was ridiculous.
Today our plan is to spend the day around the house but I am sure we will get up to something interesting we always do.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Real Thanksgiving day

Today is the real Thanksgiving day in the USA so here is a bunch of stuff that I am thankful for.

My Crazy Family

My Crazy Friends

My Crazy Dog

My Wonderful New Garden

My Crazy Parents

Going on Vacation and Adventures

My Crazy Cousins

My mom being able to visit me in NZ

My Crazy Partner in Crime

I am also thankful for a lot of other people and friends that I could not find pictures of but you all know who you are (pretty much you are the people who read this blog)
Thankful for:
  • Yummy food
  • Exciting Vacations
  • Magazines
  • The Internet
  • A Nice Place to Live
  • Friendly People
  • Deserts Ice Cream, Cookies and Treats
  • And So Much More

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in NZ

Time is flying by already. Tuesday it rained and misted all day long. We finally left the house around noon and headed out to Devonport again. This time we went to lunch and walked into most of the shops. Because it was raining and wasn't very nice out we decided to work on a dress that I had the material to start. Here are some pictures of us being silly.

Wednesday we headed out to Takapuna and went to lunch at Sumo Salad. I really recommend the salad place. We both loved our salads they were really yummy.

For some reason the weather is never good when my mom is here. She thinks I live in a country where it is always cold hahhaha. At least it is not raining!

Wednesday night we pulled out the BBQ and made steak dinner. They were very good and the bbq worked great (thanks again Mel and Craig)

China Man pic

My mom working on her new little computer.
For desert we had Pavlova with kiwi fruit and strawberries on it with whip cream. So yummy.

Grants desert was the biggest. yay you win for the biggest until...

It topples over and falls on the carpet! Oh boy!
Then the fun is over and I have to clean oy!

China man pic #2

Today is Thursday and my mom and I did not leave the house till lunch time again. In the morning we made pumpkin pie and I started on a few projects around the house.
For lunch we went to Mission Bay and had lunch at a Mexican place called Dos Amigos Cantina.
The food was good but not very mexicany and the margaritas were a thumbs down, unless you bring your own booze to top them up with (if only we had thought of that before we went).

Tonight is Thanksgiving and we are having roast chicken, turkey cost about 50 to 75 dollars here so we decided to have chicken and some roast veggies. The pumpkin pie we made this morning turned out really good looking but we will have to wait till after dinner to see how it tastes.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

She is Here!

My mom arrived in NZ at 7am on Saturday. It is so good to be able to spend time with her again. We came back to the house and I gave her a tour of the place and she unloaded her luggage. There were lots of presents for me and Grant. Late birthday and early Christmas presents. I got lots of clothes and make up and other cool stuff.

Here is a picture of Grant's cut

Me and my mom

After breakfast and some unpacking we headed to the Grey Lynn Festival. We didn't stay very long cause it was raining off and on, extremely humid and my mom was a little under the weather from the plane ride.

Flip Flop picture

On Sunday my mom and I put on our new make up and went to Devonport for lunch and visited with Peter and Sybilla in the afternoon.
(I am sure the new make up looks just like the old make up)
It was so humid the last three days I could not stop my hair from curling and now it is dry and windy! The weather never stops changing.
Today being Monday we have no plans. I think we might do some shopping and since my mom lost her voice we will take it easy.
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