Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Almost last Day of Work

Today was my second to last day of work for the family I nanny for I only have one more day hip hip hooray! Anyways some bad news is Grant went to work on Wiheki island yesterday and left his car in front of his bosses house and guess what happened. Some one hit it! Thank goodness the bosses daughter was home and got the guys information and he has insurance. Just one more thing to deal with oh well.

Funny thing is I went to check it out this morning seeing how Grant is still on the island and I took some pics and someone wrote this on his car (bet it was the bosses daughter, Sooo Funny).

I spent my day before last day with the little boy and another nanny going on a walk and hanging out at their house for the day. It was great to catch up one last time and it made the day very pleasant.

4 days till my mom is here! So Soon! =)


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