Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Ready

So all day yesterday and now today I am spending getting ready for my mom to visit. Yesterday the guy came to patch the ceiling in her room and tonight he is going to finish it. I have been cleaning the whole place up and making it nice. I did some grocery shopping for at least the first 2 days and nights and thought we can do more when she gets here.

My last day of work went ok. It started out really nice the kids were really good and they got me this really lovely summer shirt and the little boy and I spent time at the zoo having fun. The day turned rotten after picking up the girl from school and ended in both kids fighting and screaming. The mom joked that I will never want to watch them again hahhaha. I know with kids the day deteriorates as they get tired but at least half the day was good.

Grant has been having a really hard week. First his car gets hit, then he is dealing with the guy who hit him (who does not want to go through insurance and wants his "friend" to fix it), then he cuts his leg on a rusty nail! Last night when he got home he had to go to emergency to get a tetanus shot. Apparently the people at emergency took the nail incident pretty seriously and not only gave him a shot they also injected his leg with saline to wash it out and put him on antibiotics so he doesn't get an infection. The doctor put a bandage on his leg and said it can't get wet and he has to go back in a few days for them to check it again.
Because the wound can't get wet he had to take a bath! Let me tell you that the funniest thing I have seen in a long time is a 6foot 5 man in a bright blue bath tub! Its the first time we have used the tub. Before he got in I thought the tub was pretty large but I really laughed when I saw him in there cause he made the tub look really tiny.

My mom gets here early tomorrow and I can't wait! woo hoo I knew the day would come but it felt like it took forever to get here.


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