Sunday, November 14, 2010

Long Weekend Away in Pataua

On Thursday morning we drove up to Pataua for a weekend away. Pataua is about 2 hours north of where we live. We rented a bach for the weekend with Crockett and his girl friend Jasmine and Nick. Thursday the waves were not big enough to surf yet so we just unpacked and hung out. Nick did not get there till late afternoon and we spent the first night eating and relaxing.

The place was great it had everything you would need.

Joking around

Friday morning the waves were really good so the guys were out early in the morning surfing. I set up all my art stuff and worked on a painting and read a book.

After dinner Grant and I rode the bikes around to the island hill pictured above. It was a really fun ride. Crockett and Nick went into town to pick up Jasmine from the bus station. She took a bus from Auckland when she was off work.

When everyone got back it was party time! We turned on the music had some drinks and got crazy hahhahaha.

believe me this was not just for the camera hahahhaha

After we had plenty to drink we decided to walk down to the beach in the dark and watch the stars. Lots of fun.

Saturday was a really clear warm day. The guys surfed all day and the girls layed in the sun and read books and listened to music.

Grant picked out special pictures of the good waves so Lacey could show Brandon. He is hoping to convince you guys to come and visit hahhahah.

When night came around it really cooled down.

Here I am reading waiting for dinner. Grant and I cooked the first night and Crockett and Jasmine cooked the second night.

After dinner the party began once again. The guys made box men hahahaha and everyone showed off their dance moves. Grant did dead fish its where you jump on the floor and flap around like a dead fish. When Crockett did the dead fish I laughed so hard I had to run to the bathroom to keep from peeing it was so funny.

Sunday morning we cleaned up and drove to a near by place for the guys to surf. After their surf we stopped off and went on a short hike to some water falls. It was a nice warm day.

We got home around 5pm. We all had such a great time and renting a bach is so affordable that we all agreed that next time the surf is good we will find a near by bach for a weekend of fun.


beeswax said...

It's just so beautiful and clear and pure there. You would never see that here in the USA, everyone has boogered it up. Good to see you enjoying the warm weather.

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