Friday, November 5, 2010

The Night Before

Today I worked nannying, my last time picking up Fridays. I now only have 2 weeks left of work and only 2 weeks till my mom is here. I am so excited about it all whoop whoop.
After work Grant helped me to get everything ready for my art show tomorrow. I did all the price cards and organized everything and he made my easels. What a great guy! I have 11 art works all together and I really hope something sells. But I am not going to be disappointed if nothing does. I have been in art shows before and most of the time nothing sells.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to the art show.
Tonight though is guy Fox? know its spelt wrong. Everyone sets off fire works so our plan is to go get some takeaway and find some place to watch all the fire works.


beeswax said...

Shannon sold a painting!!! Yay!!! She sold the underwater garden painting. Off to a good start.
Good luck today Shannon.
Love you, Mom

Anna said...

Mrs. Olson, I love the play by play! Congrats, Shannon the paid artist! :)

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