Thursday, November 18, 2010


This week just keeps getting more and more unbelievable. I was driving back from the hardware store and I get stopped at a police check where they look to see if all your permits are up to date. Well the guy waved me through and when I got home I looked myself and thank god he didn't give me a ticket but my registration was expired by a week!

So I go up and get my new registration and when I get home I go to roll up the windows and the back right window falls out of the gear that puts it up!!! So now the window is all the way open and stuck down in the side of the car! To make matters worse there is rain forcasted for the next 2 days. When I told Grant he just said I QUIT! hhahahha So I am not sure what is going to happen now. Hopefully Grant can fix it cause I know I can't. Oh boy I hope I don't have to pay some one to fix it especially now that I don't have a job.


Anonymous said...

Someone is testing you at the moment that's for sure!! Lucky break with the rego tho, I think thats a hefty fine!!!

I'm sure Craig wouldn't mind if you bought your car out here if Grant can't fix it =0)

Not long to go now, your mom must be at the airport now I guess??

Keep smiling =0)

Lacey said...

awww! I sure hope Grant can fix it for you!

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