Monday, November 29, 2010

A Weekend Away

On Friday afternoon we drove up to Doubtless Bay to Grant's family bach. Saturday we went on a walk to a beach where we were the only people.

It was a beautiful day.

The grass was so thick Grant decided to jump down in it.

Then I jumped on him and he rolled me haahahha

Here he is trying to make a grass body imprint. It didn't work hahaha

I was able to collect lots of shells. I plan to make a shell wreath.

Cooling down in the shade

Back at the bach relaxing

All the flowers are in bloom

Here we are at a look out point on our way home on Sunday.

On our way home we took a ferry over to Russel, NZ's first capitol, and had lunch.

I had the fish and chips and it tasted amazing.

We got home at night and we were so tired we unpacked the car and went to sleep.
Monday my mom and I drove out to one tree hill for a walk and lunch. In my opinion the food was a little over priced and not that yummy but it was a fun day.

On our way home we stopped by the store and made a huge Mexican Fiesta. We ate burritos, salsa, tequila drinks we call bananarama, and much more.

We were so full it was ridiculous.
Today our plan is to spend the day around the house but I am sure we will get up to something interesting we always do.


Anna said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Any day I read your blog is a good day.

Love ya'...


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