Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Blast from my Past

I was just wasting some time on the Internet looking at some craft blogs when I came across a blog where the lady was giving all the little girls in the family caboodles! That sent my mind thinking about all my Christmas's past and some of the gifts I got.

One year when I was probably 8 or 9 years old one of my Aunts gave all the girl cousins caboodles! I loved mine so much I used it for years to store all my cool stuff!!!
Below is the exact one I had, color and everything.

When I was young I was really into reading, just like I am now, and my favorite series of books was Meet Molly! I had every book in the series and I know I read them more then once.

When I was about 7 years old I had the strawberry short cake house, this exact one! I had all the dolls and all the furniture. I will never forget we were moving and my mom would not let me bring my doll house and made me leave it at my cousins house and said they would keep it there cause we did not have room at our house! Just like I knew would happen they got rid of it and I never saw it again I was so mad!

It is so cool to see these photos! I still have some of the furniture at home I think?

Does anyone remember shrinky dinks? I do and I had this exact set of smurf shrinky dinks! I can remember making them when I was staying at my grandpa and Lynn's house one night.

When I was probably 10 I wanted a "skip it" so bad. You work it by putting the loop around your foot and swinging it in a circle around the ground and jumping. Anyways I remember the ads for the skip it, it looked like the coolest toy, till I got it and realized all it was was you jumping and it counts your jumps hahhaha.

I forget what this thing is called but you used little plastic beads that you ironed and they melted together to form patterns or shapes. My friends and I loved doing this for some weird reason. The funny thing about this project was when you finished there was nothing you could really do with the design. I know my mom hated my friends and I doing this cause she was always worried we were going to ruin her iron by melting plastic all over it hahhaha.

Below is my exact lunch box from when I was in elementary school except I think mine was dark blue. I can remember the exact smell of that thing! The funny thing about this lunch box was as you were walking to the lunch room at least once a week the little latch on top would come undone and your whole lunch would go crashing onto the floor.

One year my cousin Amanda and I got this exact book that came with a necklace! I think her book was about horses.
One year for Christmas my mom gave all the cousins Disney on Ice tickets. I remember everyone was super excited to get the tickets and we all dressed up when we went.
Another one of my favorite books was Amelia Bedelia, I read many in that series.

That is just a few of the gifts that I asked for and got when I was little. Its funny that seeing just one picture would inspire me to look all that stuff up, if only something like that would inspire me everyday ahhahaha


Lacey said...

What an awesome post!! I love seeing all those blasts from the past.

beeswax said...

You know what all this means?

Your getting OLD!

and... your mom is mean, getting rid of your strawberry shortcake house...

Anonymous said...

It's always fun to remember the things from your past. The problem is that I'm so old I can't remember much of what happened to me before the age of 11 or 12!

Love ya'...


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