Sunday, December 5, 2010

Busy Bees

Friday my mom and I got the house ready for the party we had on Saturday.

Baking a cake and cleaning. For lunch on Friday we went to Takapuna again to our fave salad place. The Christmas decorations here are properly themed for summer.

Surfing Santa.
Friday night we got ready and went out to dinner and drinks with Alina and Tom in Kingsland.

It was a nice warm evening finally

Saturday we got the house ready for our party making all the food and cleaning and organizing.

I have been working in the garden just about every day.

The mint seems to be taking over I might have to pull it out.

All our guests arrived around 3pm. Mel Craig and Ruby and Peter, Rebecca and Sybilla all came to our party.

We enjoyed BBQ hamburgers and sausages plus margaritas and chips and salsa. yum yum!

All the kids and guys watched the Bonneville DVD.

Grant is the king of making faces good lord! Ruby looks like she is saying something important to him.

The party was a big hit and everyone seemed to have fun!
Sunday we got up and decided to go to Rangitoto Island for a hike. This Island has only tracks to walk on and a few bathrooms but nothing else so we packed a lunch in backpacks.

Here we are on the ferry to the island.

At the top of the island is a great view.

At the top after a huge hike!
On our way home we drove by an art gallery that my mom and I had seen a few days before but wanted to show Grant. The artist is a local girl who has some really great art. If your interested her website is she does really great pin up girls with iconic NZ brands, it is worth checking out!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Please keep it coming. Wish I was there with y'all.

Love ya'...


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