Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Of course on Christmas Eve dinner with Alina and Tom I forgot to take pictures, so here are a few of the drive home. There was a great sunset Christmas eve night.

We pulled off to get a good picture of the sun set.

That night I made cookies for Christmas day.

Christmas morning we opened our stockings from eachother.

I got scratchy tickets and a gift card to a book store.

Grant got a shell as a joke hahha

Also Grant got chocolates and some freezer packs.
I gifted myself a soap container.

For late lunch we went to Grant's dads house for Christmas food! His brother made goose! It was good but I mainly ate ham.

cutting the goose was harder then they thought hahhaa

Family photos
Tomorrow really early we are taking off on vacation. I will post all about our trip when we get back =)


beeswax said...

That picture of the 3 of you, the last one, is so funny. You look like you're all in trouble. "Stand there and smile and DON"T MOVE!!"

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