Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Yesterday was a busy day! I spent the whole day nannying for the family I use to work for, then straight from work home to get ready to go out with friends for drinks. We had an excellent time out last night. Lots of drinking and dancing was enjoyed by everyone! especially me! I had not been out dancing in a really long time and I forgot how much I love it. In college we went out dancing every single week. The only sad thing is I forgot to take pictures I only have one from the whole night hahahhaha.

This morning I woke up and felt a little out of it but considering how much we partied I am surprised I didn't feel worse. Grant took off for a morning surf with his friend and I picked up the tickets that we won from a radio station for new years eve!
On my way back home I stopped by the store and bought some stuff to make salsa and cookies for tomorrow. I was freaking out with the amount of people in the store and the amount of craziness all around, I think everyone waited till the last second to go shopping! I made it out of the store alive and as I am walking in the door at home I realize I forgot to buy CHIPS! Now what do you eat salsa with if you don't have chips? I decided that I can't handle the store again so Grant will have to go.

I also saw this soap dispenser in the store marked down to $5 and I decided that it would be my Christmas present to myself!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you too Shannon (& Grant)!!!

I did the last of my grocery shop yesterday, there was no way I was going near the supermarket today!!!

I am just about to make salsa, my new fabulous recipe (thanks!!), we have friends coming over for a Mexican Fiesta, burritos, fajitas and of course margaritas!! I found some very cute lime plastic glasses on sale at Briscoes for $8 each, good to have spa pool friendly glassware!!

Well my salsa won't make itself...

All the best wishes for tomorrow, I sure hope Santa is good to you.

So funny, Ruby & I were walking down the roadbefore and she sees an elderly man with a long white beard, of course she points and loudly says 'SANTA' =0)

Take care
Mel X

beeswax said...

Merry Christmas Mel, Craig and Ruby. It sounds like you're kicking it off with some good party treats. I hope Santa brings you something nice.


Shannon, Love the soap dispenser. Merry Christmas eve.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to everyone in the Land of the Kiwi. Fa la la la la.

Love ya'...


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