Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas is Coming

Everywhere we go I am starting to see Christmas. NZ is not very big on decorating for Christmas when compared to the USA, but I can understand why, who wants to decorate when it is summer and all everyone wants to do is enjoy the nice weather outside. Anyways I am starting to see decorations everywhere we go and its only December 3rd.

Tuesday and Wednesday this week we did some shopping and ran some errands. I dropped off this piece of art at an exhibit I entered at the Bruce Mason Theater in Takapuna.

Thursday my mom and I took off for the day and headed to the sky tower for lunch. The sky tower has the biggest tree I have ever seen.

As a promotion they have stuck a car on the side of the sky tower and it looks pretty amazing.

After lunch and a quick walk around the city we headed out to the botanical gardens. Everything is in bloom since it is spring here in NZ.

These flowers were very bright red and reminded me of Christmas.

I am not really sure what my mom is doing here but it looks cool!

Below I finally figured out how to take a close up photo with my camera.

I love blue flowers.

More Christmas decorations at the botanical gardens.

That night my mom and I watched Ruby, while Mel and Craig went out for the night.
She is so cute! and getting so much more grown up every time I see her. My mom had a spider necklace that she let Ruby play with and I was just waiting for her to say spider, it seemed like she really wanted to say it. She kept pointing at it and making the noise iter (sooo cute).

Today we are getting the house and everything ready for a small gathering that we are having tomorrow afternoon and tonight we are meeting Alina and Tom for dinner. I have a few projects that I am working on also in our spare time but that will have to be its own blog maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

OMG what is going on with her hair???

Thanks so much to you and your mom for watching Ruby, we appreciate it soooo much!!

I'm pleased she was good for you!!

Looking forward to the bbq at your place tomorrow =0)

Take care

Anonymous said...

Tonight's party is one I really wish I was there to attend. What a great group of friends. I'm sure a wonderful time will be had by all.

Love ya'...


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