Friday, December 10, 2010

Its Like Magic

Its like magic my mom was here then poof she is gone transported back to CA!
Our last week spent together was great. Thursday we met Mel and Ruby for lunch at the botanic gardens for one last good bye before my mom left on Friday.

Ruby loved playing in the water. She is so cute!

Friday my mom and I packed up her stuff and did some last minute organizng. We went out to eat at our new favorite lunch place one last time in Takapuna before we drove to the airport.
It was very sad saying good bye and I can't wait till I get to go home and see everyone again.
If I see a cheap flight I am going!
Straight after dropping off my mom I went to Grant's work Christmas party. They had a band and food and drinks set up at the house that they are working on. It was a fun party we met new people and Alina and Tom also met us there.

Today my plan is to clean the house and start on some art projects.
My mom landed safely and we are already talking on skype again. My family in the box =(


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