Thursday, December 30, 2010



As of right now I am sitting on the couch relaxing which was not the original plan.

A few months ago I won tickets to a huge dance party on a near by Island (Waiheke Island).
The party is going to be huge starting at 2pm today and going till 4am on New years day. Yesterday when I got around to buying tickets for the ferry ride over I realized that the only available tickets were to come back on New years day at 7am. That meant that from 4am till 7am we would have no where to sleep or hang out, this also meant that once we caught the ferry into town at 7am we would then have to find a taxi home.

I bought the ferry tickets and was all set to go thinking that we will just sit at the ferry from 4 till 7 and wait, no big deal. That is when I saw that we also had to get a bus from the ferry to the event and back and that was going to cost even more money and hassle.

When Grant pointed out what a hassle the whole event seemed it was going to be and considering none of our friends are going we decided to pull the plug.

SOOOO just to recap it would have been
  1. Drive to ferry leave car there
  2. Take Ferry to Island $67
  3. Take bus to event $20 each
  4. Be at event till 4am buying all food and drink there, at least $200
  5. Wait for ferry till 7am
  6. Get dropped off in town
  7. Get Taxi home $50
  8. Go back the next day and pick up car from the ferry port

When looking at how much money and effort I thought no way, so I sold the tickets!

  1. Ticket 1 sold for $125
  2. Ticket 2 sold for $150
  3. Out $67 for ferry
  4. Made $208 Whoop Whoop

Our new plan is to go to a house party where we will know most of the people and to be honest I am sure we will have just as much fun!


beeswax said...

Hey you made money on the deal!! You guys will have fun whatever you do. Happy New Year!!
Love you, MOM

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