Monday, January 31, 2011

30 For 30 Remix


So today was a beautiful crystal clear day and it was also back to work after a 4 day weekend.  Most people only got a 3 day, but I don't work Fridays whoop whoop!  It is always hard to wake up after a bunch of days off, but I did it and I even got to work early!

Today is the first day of 30 for 30! Which is picking 30 items of clothing including shoes out of your own closet and then wearing those 30 items for a full month aka 30 days.  Of course remixing it all to look stylish and cool, or at least trying.

SOOOO here we go:
Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Today was my first day, but you will have to wait till Friday to see my weeks outfits =)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazy Dayz

Yesterday was very nice and sunny so we headed out to Long Bay for a walk along the beach and some time in the sun.  We skipped rocks and I collected some shell for a future project.

After our walk we met up with a few friends in Takapuna for a few drinks and some snacks.  We didn't get home till late at night.  As usual I should have drank less and ate more but oh well you live and learn? or maybe I never will learn hahaha.

Today so far I have made a huge breakfast, cleaned up the huge breakfast, took a shower, looked out the window and realized my flowers have bloomed!  When my head ache goes away I hope to go for a walk.

Friday, January 28, 2011



So yesterday around 5pm we packed up our car and headed up north to a bay about 30 minutes away from Russell.  It was suppose to be a 3 hour drive and we were staying with a group of friends in a holiday home for the long weekend.  Lets just say nothing went as planned!

While we were loading the car it started to rain, nothing to much just a few drops.  About 30 minutes into the drive it started to down pour to give you an example go into your bathroom and turn on the shower full tilt and imagine that falling from everywhere as far as you can see, which happens to be about 3 inches in front of your face.  Now we are driving about 30 mph because we can't see, so the drive that should have taken 3 hours at this rate is going to take 5 hours.  As we are going there are areas of the road that have a thin layer of water but nothing that you can't just drive right through until we get closer to the sea.  Now we are slowly driving through rushing water that is about knee deep.

We carry on because we are only about 20 minutes away from the house, but we are now driving at an even slower pace because there are land slides around every corner! 
Above you can see there is a tree and mud in the middle of the road!

Finally we realize the trip is over when we come to 3 cars that are stopped on the side of the road and one man is walking the road to see how deep the rushing water is and I can see the water is up to his waist!  We are able to turn the car around and at this point we are hoping to find a place to stay the night so we drive down another street that is flooded and we get stuck!  When we go to turn around, the car had been under water just long enough that it started to come in.  I screamed "oh my god the car is filling with water my feet are soaked" thankfully we were able to get out of the flood and start driving home.  Sadly though the car was affected by the water and was sputtering and barely making it the whole way back.  It didn't help that we kept having to go through flooded areas.

We finally made it home at 2am.  I was so tired but I could not sleep the whole drive because I was so stressed that we would hit water, Grant would fall asleep, we would hit a land slide, or the car would give out and we would go flying of the mountain!  Lets just say next time there is a cyclone coming I am not leaving the house.

I have some great video footage of the floods that I will add later.

The other day my mom sent me a lovely package with shoes for me and shirts for grant and this beautiful home made Valentines day card!  I was so inspired by it that I decided to make some of my own cards that I will be doing a post about on the cousin blog
Hope everyone is having a good Friday or Weekend depending on what country you live in!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfits of the Week


I thought I would start with the picture of the day.  This is Grant's Mexican outfit that mainly comes out during parties and when he is feeling a little crazy.  When Grant visited CA for the first time he fell in love with everything Mexican, the food, culture, colors, and language (although he does not know how to speak Spanish).  This Mexican hat and poncho live hanging on the wall next to his side of the bed!  It brings lots of color to our lives!


I only work Monday through Thursday so there won't be any Friday outfits most of the time, although next week I will work Tuesday through Friday so what I am trying to say is there will only be 4 outfits a week lol.

I take my own picture so as you can see some days are easier then others when it comes to getting a good photo.  Wednesday was hopeless, the camera kept falling and every time I posed I ended up looking like an idiot, it reminded me of Americas next top model when the photographer tells them to stop posing a certain way yet they just keep doing it!  That was me I told my self you must do something better but every photo looked the same!  I can hear Tyra's voice saying "you are not Americas next top model" hahhahhaha

Lacey shares all the good blogs she finds with me and I try to share the few she hasn't already found with her as well. This morning she sent me this blog challenge and I think it is great! The Challenge is 30 for 30!

Here are the rules:
1. Pick 30 items or less from your closet. Shoes are included, but accessories and jewelry are not.
2. Remix the 30 items into 30 different outfits.
That's it! Well not entirely so..
3. Don't shop for 30 days

I have signed up for the challenge and we will see how it goes, It starts on February 1st so anyone else who wants to try it out should!!!

P.S. I am going away for the weekend so I will have a big pictures of the day catch up when I get back!
Hope everyone has a great day and weekend whoop whoop =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The laundry is defiantly dry.

Today was a normal day; went to work, came home, and went on my computer.  Then I decided the time had come to wash my car!  It was already 4pm but it was still so hot out that within 2 minutes form starting to wash I was soaked with sweat! It didn't help that I don't have a hose that can reach the car ha ha, so what I have to do is fill buckets.  Its a good thing my car is really small.  I went straight from washing to the shower.

P. S. It was not good news when Grant came back from the dentist!  Lots of work is to be done!

Check in tomorrow for the outfits of the week.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Curly Hair

Ever since my hair started getting long I have been thinking about making it curly!  The only trouble is I only own a straightener and I have no idea where to shop to get curlers.  Sooo when ever I have been out shopping I have been keeping my eye out for some type of curler.  A curling iron does not work on my hair, I am not sure why but for some reason I curl it and it just goes straight.

Anyways the other day while grocery shopping I found some Velcro rollers for a dollar fifty and thought what the hey I will give it a try.  I rolled up my hair that night and slept in the rollers and what do you know the next morning I had huge curly hair.  The only problem I had was by noon all the curl turned to fuzz, but I am blaming that on the humidity not the type of curlers.

Here I am the night before putting the curlers in.  By the way it is really hard to sleep with curlers in your hair!

I got to work early so I thought I would try some creative photography ha ha.  As you can see the curl is already starting to fall away and turn to fuzz.

Today has been beautiful all day.  This morning there were awesome clouds and blue sky.  Work seemed to fly by and I was home to eat and get the house organized by 2pm.  Grant is going to the dentist today to get all his teeth x-rayed because one of his wisdom teeth is cracked! I can't wait to hear how it went.



Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a Picture


Here is a little NZ bug knowledge.

Today the picture is of a Cicada.  This is a bug that is native to NZ and generally comes out in the summer months making a lot of noise.  They sound similar to a cricket.  The picture is of the Cicada's shell.  They crawl out of the earth and attach themselves onto something and then come out of their shell and fly away.

There is not much to say about today accept I went to work and came home and have been on the Internet trying to figure out blog back grounds and how to center items.  It seems like it should be a lot easier!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rain to Sun

This morning when I left for work it looked like a hurricane outside with tons of wind and rain. The day seemed to fly by and when I got home for the day it was sunny out =)

I had a different picture of the day taken and ready to post, but when Grant got home he had brought me these flowers!  Aren't they pretty?

Saturday, January 22, 2011



It had been raining all night and all day.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Didn't win the lotto, Didn't buy a ticket!

Another rainy day in Auckland!
Last night after work Grant and I went out for some drinks.  We started in Ponsonby and ended up in town.  We didn't get home till really late and my car is still in Ponsonby ahahhaa.
We went to sleep so late that we slept in till noon got up had breakfast then went back to sleep for a nap so that was the whole day gone!
We are are now sitting in front of the tv still recovering from last night and a coke a cola add just came on tv and Grant said, "do you think if we drank a coke the sun would come out?"  ha ha It has been raining non stop since yesterday afternoon.  I would give it a try but we don't have any!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big Day Out

This guy made his own t-shirt, that he sewed himself and he wandered over to talk to us as we were people watching.  When he said "I made this shirt", I thought this is my picture of the day!  The drunk guy with dreds and a home made t.

 Next to where I work is a huge stadium and today they are having the Big Day Out.  This is a huge music festival that goes all day long from about 9am till midnight.  I worked from 8 till 2 and then had a glass of wine with some of the people from work that are going.  I didn't think I wanted to go but when I saw everyone all day walking in and hearing the music I really wanted to go =(  The funny thing is when we were sitting out front having a glass of wine and people watching, all of Grant's friends saw me as they were going in! So they came up and said hi (which really made me want to go).
This is the crowd of people that came steadily past my window all day
It was extremely hard for everyone to pay attention and easy to watch all the different people!
It is so interesting to watch how weird everyone is, better then any parade!

One guy looking clueless wandered into our parking lot and sat down, then after 5 seconds he layed down and fell asleep.  10 minutes later the cops showed up asking him if he was alive hahhahaah!  It took them a long time and 5 of them to realize that he wasn't doing anything wrong, just sleeping hahhahaha.
Here we are people watching.  This is the girl friend of one of the guys that works with me.
Her and I had the same ideas of what looked good and what didn't as people walked by


Monday -Wednesday are missing because #1 I didn't work Monday and #2 I didn't think I would take pictures of my outfits.  This is good because it is going to force me to get creative. This weekend I plan to go through my entire closet and all my suitcases (where I keep lots of stuff that won't fit in my closet) and make some outfits up.

I am hoping that we go out tonight although if we do it might just be us considering most of our friends are at the Big Day Out hmmmm maybe we should have gone, oh well.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have started a new project! I plan to take a picture every day this year, put the date on it and post it on the blog. At the end of the year I will put all the pictures in a book, 365 images, an image a day!
This picture is of our new furniture arrangement. We got the 2 recliner chairs from the bach.
My other blog project will be taking photos of all the outfits I wear to work each day and posting them on Friday when the week is done. This will do two things #1 it will force me to wear all the cute clothes I have and #2 it will make me practice using my camera and photoshop.
I love a good project!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Time at the Bach

Last weekend we went up north to the bach for the last time ever!
Grant's parents sold the bach when their divorce finalized. Its was pretty sad to say good bye but at least we got one last beautiful weekend to enjoy it!
There aren't any pictures of us because #1 you know what we look like and #2 I forgot to take some.

The last night there was a great sun set.
The weekend was not as fun as I thought it would be, I guess because we had just been up there the week before this trip we had already done everything that is fun. The sea was also too choppy to go fishing on most of the weekend so when we did go out the last day I got semi sea sick and felt like I might yak. Not a good feeling!
For the last 3 days there has been a tropical storm causing humidity and rain! I have given up on having straight hair, I laugh when I even think about it.
On Tuesday I started a part time office job that goes till March. I really love it so far, just getting out of the house and having something to do is great. It is also going to give me experience that is needed after being a nanny for the last 2 years.
I guess that is all that is new? I am also working on a drawing that I plan to finish this week and send home to CA, I will post about it as soon as I am done.

One last thing, a few weeks ago I came across this girls blog and I find it really amazing! She is mainly posting about outfits that she wears to work, how to make simple crafts, and how to look stylish. If you are into looking fashionable then I would recommend checking it out, I wish I had a sense of style!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Today I got my hair cut by Mel. It was time, I think it had been almost 4 months from my last hair cut.


Oh yeah that is what it looks like dried natural!

Here are all of Mel's cute kids!


I know the major difference is my hair is straight looking but to me the trim makes all the difference in the world.
All the dead ends are gone!
Also looking at my self in these pictures I can see how old I am getting! Scary!

These pictures are for my mom. When she was here a month ago we did lots of gardening and planted lots of seeds that are now growing! The sad Hydrangeas were just transplanted because where they were living there was not enough room for them, but sadly I have a feeling they might not make it.

The garden was looking so good before we went on vacation and no one was here to water the plants.

These were transplanted from the bach up north and they are doing great=)

The vine looking thing is a pumpkin seed that I stuck in the ground not knowing what would happen and I was shocked when they started to grow all 3 seeds I stuck in the ground. Now you know if you ever want to grow pumpkins you literally take a seed from the pumpkin and stick it in the ground.
The rest of today I am going to work on an art project that I plan to finish and send home by tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Trip Up North

On January first we packed up the car and headed up north around noon. Once we arrived we unpacked and headed to a near by beach because Grant thought there would be good waves. Turned out there were no waves so we headed back to the bach and went on the boat fishing with Dave (Grant's dad).

Our first night out fishing I didn't catch any =( and Grant only caught 1 or 2. The next morning on Jan 2 we went out on the boat again, but it was so windy and rocky that we decided to give up and try later in the day.

Later in the day when we were out fishing again everyone was catching something except me! I kept getting bites but no fish, until the very end where I caught the biggest fish of all !!!

That is my fish with Grant's hand on it to show the size!

January 3rd we got up early and went fishing again but we only caught small king fish that all had to be thrown back. Later in the day Grant and I packed up the car and went camping on 90 Mile beach. I had never been to 90 Mile beach before but it is the biggest beach I have ever seen. You can drive on the sand when the tide is out and even though it is called 90 mile beach Grant said it is more like 30 miles. We drove to the very end and camped over night in the van.

While driving along there were 2 guys fishing and guess what? They caught a shark!!! We watched the whole thing, they brought it in and set it loose and one guy pulled it back in the water and it took off! Scarrrry!

Below is the end of the beach, but you can climb up a stair way and down a hill to even more beach if you want!

NZ is one big beach!
Staying the night in the van would have been no problem if it wasn't for the mosquitos! The van was filled with them and we had a bug v.s. man war! Us smashing and spraying as many as we could but still getting bit! We both decided that we are never going away with out a big can of raid!
Jan 4th was beautiful. We spent the morning on the beach, Grant surfing, me reading (the girl who kicked the hornet's nest) and when the tide went out we left back to the bach.
Jan 5th some of Dave's friends came to the bach and parked their camper next to us and stayed a few days. Grant and I spent that day at a near by beach laying out and reading and swimming.
Jan 6th Grant and I went golfing! There is a small course close to the bach called pitch and putt. We played 9 holes and I won by one point! I never win and believe me winning did not mean I did well hahhahaha.

That night after golf Grant and I took the boat out all by ourselves and caught some small king fish.
Jan 7th we went back up to 90 mile beach for Grant to have a surf, but this time just for the day.

It is a beautiful drive there and back.

I love all the old shacks that are left rotting away.
On the drive home we stopped by Henderson beach.

Jan 8th we cleaned up the bach and at night we went out fishing at Ringaputa beach.
We caught 9 snapper in all and mine was one of the biggest.

Grants is the very right and mine is to the left of it. The 2 biggest fish of that night.
Jan 9th was our last day at the bach which was spent cleaning and packing up the car and washing the boat. We drove home that day and arrived back home around dinner time.
This vacation up north was much different than the 2 years before. It was much more relaxing because none of Grant's friends were there and instead it was his dad and his friends, but this weekend we are going up north again and we have invited all our friends to come along so it will be way more wild and crazy=)
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