Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big Day Out

This guy made his own t-shirt, that he sewed himself and he wandered over to talk to us as we were people watching.  When he said "I made this shirt", I thought this is my picture of the day!  The drunk guy with dreds and a home made t.

 Next to where I work is a huge stadium and today they are having the Big Day Out.  This is a huge music festival that goes all day long from about 9am till midnight.  I worked from 8 till 2 and then had a glass of wine with some of the people from work that are going.  I didn't think I wanted to go but when I saw everyone all day walking in and hearing the music I really wanted to go =(  The funny thing is when we were sitting out front having a glass of wine and people watching, all of Grant's friends saw me as they were going in! So they came up and said hi (which really made me want to go).
This is the crowd of people that came steadily past my window all day
It was extremely hard for everyone to pay attention and easy to watch all the different people!
It is so interesting to watch how weird everyone is, better then any parade!

One guy looking clueless wandered into our parking lot and sat down, then after 5 seconds he layed down and fell asleep.  10 minutes later the cops showed up asking him if he was alive hahhahaah!  It took them a long time and 5 of them to realize that he wasn't doing anything wrong, just sleeping hahhahaha.
Here we are people watching.  This is the girl friend of one of the guys that works with me.
Her and I had the same ideas of what looked good and what didn't as people walked by


Monday -Wednesday are missing because #1 I didn't work Monday and #2 I didn't think I would take pictures of my outfits.  This is good because it is going to force me to get creative. This weekend I plan to go through my entire closet and all my suitcases (where I keep lots of stuff that won't fit in my closet) and make some outfits up.

I am hoping that we go out tonight although if we do it might just be us considering most of our friends are at the Big Day Out hmmmm maybe we should have gone, oh well.


Anna said...

Shannon: artist, blogger, retired nanny, MODEL. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your picture of the day, and your work outfit of the day. I can only imagine how enjoyable it must be to work with adults who share your interests.

Keep up your blogging. I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy every one of them.

Love ya'...


Lacey said...

Shannon! Soooo cute! I love the new post ideas =) I want your navy blue skirt..and the shirt, love that outfit! Can't wait for more =)

beeswax said...

Good pictures of your outfits. #1 looking for garden fairies. #2 A good example of perspective and the vanishing point.
You are such a cutie! Can wait for next week's outfits.
Love you sweet girl.

Mel said...

Hey Shannon

I'm loving your new looks!! I can't wait to see next weeks outfits!!

I checked out that blog - WOW she has some funky footwear huh!!

Keep up the great work!!

Speaking of work... I bet it's nice spending your days with ADULTS!!!

Take care

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