Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Curly Hair

Ever since my hair started getting long I have been thinking about making it curly!  The only trouble is I only own a straightener and I have no idea where to shop to get curlers.  Sooo when ever I have been out shopping I have been keeping my eye out for some type of curler.  A curling iron does not work on my hair, I am not sure why but for some reason I curl it and it just goes straight.

Anyways the other day while grocery shopping I found some Velcro rollers for a dollar fifty and thought what the hey I will give it a try.  I rolled up my hair that night and slept in the rollers and what do you know the next morning I had huge curly hair.  The only problem I had was by noon all the curl turned to fuzz, but I am blaming that on the humidity not the type of curlers.

Here I am the night before putting the curlers in.  By the way it is really hard to sleep with curlers in your hair!

I got to work early so I thought I would try some creative photography ha ha.  As you can see the curl is already starting to fall away and turn to fuzz.

Today has been beautiful all day.  This morning there were awesome clouds and blue sky.  Work seemed to fly by and I was home to eat and get the house organized by 2pm.  Grant is going to the dentist today to get all his teeth x-rayed because one of his wisdom teeth is cracked! I can't wait to hear how it went.




Mel said...

I'll let you in on a wee trick!! If you have a good pair of straighteners you don't need a curling iron!! You use the straighteners on sections of hair, the more hair in your section you will get a softer wave and a smaller section will give you quite a suprise!! You use them as though you are curling a strip of paper with a pair of scissors or a blade. Take your sections lengthwise down you head. There is a nack to getting it to look good but practise make all the difference!! You can also spray hairspray on you hair before you curl it so it holds better, for longer and also helps repel humidity!!

Have fun

Take care

PS I'm loving your picture of the day... everyday!!

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