Friday, January 28, 2011



So yesterday around 5pm we packed up our car and headed up north to a bay about 30 minutes away from Russell.  It was suppose to be a 3 hour drive and we were staying with a group of friends in a holiday home for the long weekend.  Lets just say nothing went as planned!

While we were loading the car it started to rain, nothing to much just a few drops.  About 30 minutes into the drive it started to down pour to give you an example go into your bathroom and turn on the shower full tilt and imagine that falling from everywhere as far as you can see, which happens to be about 3 inches in front of your face.  Now we are driving about 30 mph because we can't see, so the drive that should have taken 3 hours at this rate is going to take 5 hours.  As we are going there are areas of the road that have a thin layer of water but nothing that you can't just drive right through until we get closer to the sea.  Now we are slowly driving through rushing water that is about knee deep.

We carry on because we are only about 20 minutes away from the house, but we are now driving at an even slower pace because there are land slides around every corner! 
Above you can see there is a tree and mud in the middle of the road!

Finally we realize the trip is over when we come to 3 cars that are stopped on the side of the road and one man is walking the road to see how deep the rushing water is and I can see the water is up to his waist!  We are able to turn the car around and at this point we are hoping to find a place to stay the night so we drive down another street that is flooded and we get stuck!  When we go to turn around, the car had been under water just long enough that it started to come in.  I screamed "oh my god the car is filling with water my feet are soaked" thankfully we were able to get out of the flood and start driving home.  Sadly though the car was affected by the water and was sputtering and barely making it the whole way back.  It didn't help that we kept having to go through flooded areas.

We finally made it home at 2am.  I was so tired but I could not sleep the whole drive because I was so stressed that we would hit water, Grant would fall asleep, we would hit a land slide, or the car would give out and we would go flying of the mountain!  Lets just say next time there is a cyclone coming I am not leaving the house.

I have some great video footage of the floods that I will add later.

The other day my mom sent me a lovely package with shoes for me and shirts for grant and this beautiful home made Valentines day card!  I was so inspired by it that I decided to make some of my own cards that I will be doing a post about on the cousin blog
Hope everyone is having a good Friday or Weekend depending on what country you live in!


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