Friday, January 21, 2011

Didn't win the lotto, Didn't buy a ticket!

Another rainy day in Auckland!
Last night after work Grant and I went out for some drinks.  We started in Ponsonby and ended up in town.  We didn't get home till really late and my car is still in Ponsonby ahahhaa.
We went to sleep so late that we slept in till noon got up had breakfast then went back to sleep for a nap so that was the whole day gone!
We are are now sitting in front of the tv still recovering from last night and a coke a cola add just came on tv and Grant said, "do you think if we drank a coke the sun would come out?"  ha ha It has been raining non stop since yesterday afternoon.  I would give it a try but we don't have any!


beeswax said...

Your hair is FINALLY back to its natural color. Love it.

Mel said...

And it's STILL raining this morning!!!

LOVE that dress!! You know where I am when you get bored with it!!

Have a great WET Sunday!!!

Take care

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