Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Today I got my hair cut by Mel. It was time, I think it had been almost 4 months from my last hair cut.


Oh yeah that is what it looks like dried natural!

Here are all of Mel's cute kids!


I know the major difference is my hair is straight looking but to me the trim makes all the difference in the world.
All the dead ends are gone!
Also looking at my self in these pictures I can see how old I am getting! Scary!

These pictures are for my mom. When she was here a month ago we did lots of gardening and planted lots of seeds that are now growing! The sad Hydrangeas were just transplanted because where they were living there was not enough room for them, but sadly I have a feeling they might not make it.

The garden was looking so good before we went on vacation and no one was here to water the plants.

These were transplanted from the bach up north and they are doing great=)

The vine looking thing is a pumpkin seed that I stuck in the ground not knowing what would happen and I was shocked when they started to grow all 3 seeds I stuck in the ground. Now you know if you ever want to grow pumpkins you literally take a seed from the pumpkin and stick it in the ground.
The rest of today I am going to work on an art project that I plan to finish and send home by tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Nice haircut. It's obvious that Mel is a pro.

Love ya'...


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