Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a Picture


Here is a little NZ bug knowledge.

Today the picture is of a Cicada.  This is a bug that is native to NZ and generally comes out in the summer months making a lot of noise.  They sound similar to a cricket.  The picture is of the Cicada's shell.  They crawl out of the earth and attach themselves onto something and then come out of their shell and fly away.

There is not much to say about today accept I went to work and came home and have been on the Internet trying to figure out blog back grounds and how to center items.  It seems like it should be a lot easier!


beeswax said...

Where's the can of Raid!!

Anna said...

I'm pretty sure we have cicadas at home too. Oh, and let me know when you figure out the backgrounds. lol. Mine is meant to be a beautiful landscape and it only shows clouds. lol.

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