Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years Eve

I am going back in time to New Years Eve. We ended up going to a BBQ around 6pm at a friends house around the corner from us. We had a few beers and hung out there till about 9pm. It was pretty casual just listening to music, chatting away, and drinking. I sober drove us all to the next party that again was around the corner. I had to make 2 trips to take everyone and for some reason the second trip of people was a lot more rowdy than the first trip, might be because it included Grant hahahaha.

The only picture of me from the whole night hahhaha

At the second party there was a huge box of dress up clothes on the floor and you better believe that Grant was the first and probably only person who used it.

He looks like a homeless Santa!

It took us a while to find one of his flip flops because some how it ended up at the bottom of the dress up box.

Right before midnight we all walked to the park across the street and climbed up the grass hill to watch the fire works go off at 12. In NZ we are the first in the whole world to start the new year! Its a cool thing to know your the first one celebrating and everyone else is still waiting.

This was the best fireworks display I have seen in NZ! Before this I had only seen people set off a few and was shocked considering in the USA we have such huge displays.

I had a great night and was happy to get a cab home around 2am. If we had gone with our initial plans it would have been 8am when we would have finally got home! And because of our early night we were able to drive up north on the first of January and start our vacation.


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