Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Trip Up North

On January first we packed up the car and headed up north around noon. Once we arrived we unpacked and headed to a near by beach because Grant thought there would be good waves. Turned out there were no waves so we headed back to the bach and went on the boat fishing with Dave (Grant's dad).

Our first night out fishing I didn't catch any =( and Grant only caught 1 or 2. The next morning on Jan 2 we went out on the boat again, but it was so windy and rocky that we decided to give up and try later in the day.

Later in the day when we were out fishing again everyone was catching something except me! I kept getting bites but no fish, until the very end where I caught the biggest fish of all !!!

That is my fish with Grant's hand on it to show the size!

January 3rd we got up early and went fishing again but we only caught small king fish that all had to be thrown back. Later in the day Grant and I packed up the car and went camping on 90 Mile beach. I had never been to 90 Mile beach before but it is the biggest beach I have ever seen. You can drive on the sand when the tide is out and even though it is called 90 mile beach Grant said it is more like 30 miles. We drove to the very end and camped over night in the van.

While driving along there were 2 guys fishing and guess what? They caught a shark!!! We watched the whole thing, they brought it in and set it loose and one guy pulled it back in the water and it took off! Scarrrry!

Below is the end of the beach, but you can climb up a stair way and down a hill to even more beach if you want!

NZ is one big beach!
Staying the night in the van would have been no problem if it wasn't for the mosquitos! The van was filled with them and we had a bug v.s. man war! Us smashing and spraying as many as we could but still getting bit! We both decided that we are never going away with out a big can of raid!
Jan 4th was beautiful. We spent the morning on the beach, Grant surfing, me reading (the girl who kicked the hornet's nest) and when the tide went out we left back to the bach.
Jan 5th some of Dave's friends came to the bach and parked their camper next to us and stayed a few days. Grant and I spent that day at a near by beach laying out and reading and swimming.
Jan 6th Grant and I went golfing! There is a small course close to the bach called pitch and putt. We played 9 holes and I won by one point! I never win and believe me winning did not mean I did well hahhahaha.

That night after golf Grant and I took the boat out all by ourselves and caught some small king fish.
Jan 7th we went back up to 90 mile beach for Grant to have a surf, but this time just for the day.

It is a beautiful drive there and back.

I love all the old shacks that are left rotting away.
On the drive home we stopped by Henderson beach.

Jan 8th we cleaned up the bach and at night we went out fishing at Ringaputa beach.
We caught 9 snapper in all and mine was one of the biggest.

Grants is the very right and mine is to the left of it. The 2 biggest fish of that night.
Jan 9th was our last day at the bach which was spent cleaning and packing up the car and washing the boat. We drove home that day and arrived back home around dinner time.
This vacation up north was much different than the 2 years before. It was much more relaxing because none of Grant's friends were there and instead it was his dad and his friends, but this weekend we are going up north again and we have invited all our friends to come along so it will be way more wild and crazy=)


Anonymous said...

Another great blog, kiddo. Once again, I almost feel like I was there with you.

Love ya'...


P.S. Nice fish!

beeswax said...

Just like your dad, fishing! You can't get away from it. Good to see your pretty photos of your vacation. It is pretty up there.
Love you, MOM

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