Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The laundry is defiantly dry.

Today was a normal day; went to work, came home, and went on my computer.  Then I decided the time had come to wash my car!  It was already 4pm but it was still so hot out that within 2 minutes form starting to wash I was soaked with sweat! It didn't help that I don't have a hose that can reach the car ha ha, so what I have to do is fill buckets.  Its a good thing my car is really small.  I went straight from washing to the shower.

P. S. It was not good news when Grant came back from the dentist!  Lots of work is to be done!

Check in tomorrow for the outfits of the week.


Mel said...

Haha!! the good old fashioned kiwi 'clothesline!! I tell you, I reckon NOTHING beats the smell of clothes, especially sheets!! dried outside in a gentle breeze =0)

Take care and I'm looking forward to tomorrows fashion weekly!!

Mel =0)

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