Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 IN 1

I am going to pack two days in one post, yes I can do that if I want!
Last night by the time I got home and did some laundry and cleaning around the house I ran out of time to post a blog, because... we went out to dinner for a friends birthday.

Picture of the Day
We went to an Indian restaurant and everyone had a great time.  The reason we were so loud and crazy was mainly because we didn't get served for 2 hours!  So that was 2 whole hours of drinking on an empty stomach.  Everyone was sooo hungry that when they brought the rice out before the curry everyone just started eating the plain rice hahhaha.

Outfit of the Yesterday
It is getting really hard to get a good picture this week!

Picture of the Day (Today)
Today I finally sent off the mail that I have been trying to remember to send out for the last month!

Outfit of the Day
I was soo tired today after staying out late last night, I am use to going to bed early on work nights so I plan to make up that lost sleep tonight!


Mel said...

You are getting SOOO good at taking photos of yourself... LOVE them and the outfits too!! (oh and your pics of the day).

Have a good nights sleep!!

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