Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Week Day

I am finding taking a picture a day on the week days very hard.  Pretty much until I get home from work I forget that I need to take a picture.  Anyways this is a photo of our gate that leads to our house.

Outfit of the day
I must say I had no idea these pants looked this baggy until I saw these pictures!
It looks sorta like a pirate outfit hahahhaa.
Oh well arrrrrr I am a pirate!

I am home from work and watching the news again about the earth quake in Christchurch.  It is so sad to know that there are people trapped in lots of the buildings that are ready to collapse.  Last night on the news there was a lady that called into the news station who was trapped in a building while talking to the news man on her mobile phone, after that story I decided to go to sleep, but before I did I just had a little think hoping the woman would be found ( i guess you could call it a prayer but I am not religious).  Anyways I have just found out that the woman has been saved!  I hope everyone can just keep the trapped people of NZ in their thoughts.


beeswax said...

I have been and will continue to pray for the earthquake victims, they need all the help they can receive. A flight of American rescuers are on the way now, the same group that was sent to Haiti. 74 people, to give some relief to the current rescuers who must be exhausted.

Your outfit is cute. Suggestion for the photo of the day. Take your camera to work. I'd love to see the outside of your work and also your work station, and the lady you work with. I'm interested.
Love MOM

Lacey said...

You look cute!
I sure hope they can help more people out of those buildings. It's hard to relate to the situation until I start thinking about how each person has a family/kids that really breaks my heart. Glad the lady you heard got out!

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