Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Beach Day

Last night we went to the Shape Shifter concert and this is what I wore.
I was worried I might get cold but Grant was right, it was really hot in the concert.
This is what I look like when Grant takes my picture because he is this tall!  It looks like the picture is being taken by someone standing on a ladder.

We had a lot of fun at the concert. Shape Shifter is a drum and base dance type of music so there was lots of dancing going on.  I loved it!
Because we didn't over do it on the drinking last night we were up early and ready to head out to the beach.
The day was nice and warm and clear so we went to a beach about 2 hours north and Grant and his friend were able to catch tons of waves.  Of course I wasn't able to take my camera because we had to walk through tons of mud and then swim across an estuary(which was really hard I am pretty out of shape) to get to the beach.  The sad thing is I didn't apply my sun screen very well and now I have lots of bright red spots on my back and sides =(  Oh well I guess that just happens sometimes.


beeswax said...

You've had a busy weekend so far. Nature girl, swimming across the estuary!!

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