Tuesday, February 1, 2011


OK so I am getting a little confused lately on how I should be doing my posts on here.  At first I thought I will do a picture a day and then I will do my outfits of the week as a recap on Friday, but many people (mainly just my mom) have said they want to see my outfits each day!  So what I am going to do is; a picture a day, an outfit a day, and maybe something a little special on Friday (not sure what, any suggestions?).

30 For 30 Remix

Here are my first 2 remixed outfits Tuesday and Wednesday (I didn't work Monday).
The striped shirt I have had forever, the belt is from Old Navy, the skirt is from H&M, the shoes are from my mom!
The shirt is from forever 21, pants bought in NZ (not sure where), Shoes are from the Warehouse NZ.
If you are wondering what this remixed stuff is all about go one post back and I explain it all.  I have good news too, I will now have 5 outfits a week because I have had another day added to my work schedule! Yay!

This is a picture of my drive in the morning!  If you click on the photo and make it bigger you can see that the traffic winds all the way to the top of the hill!  I am a sneaky devil though and I go down the right side of the road, of course when there are no cars coming, with my right blinker on and make a right hand turn at a street about half way down the hill.  That street joins back up with the main top street!  And voila I beat all those people just sitting there!


Lacey said...

Yayy I like to see daily outfits too!

Mel said...

You are taking some FABULOUS photos of yourself!!

I too am very happy to se your daily outfits... 'daily'!!! along with your picture of the day (I might do that for Ruby and make a book... wished that I'd thought of that when she was new!!)

Keep up the good job!!

Take care

Anonymous said...

I agree with your decision to do a picture and outfit of the day.

Hearty congratulations on your extended hours and days at Aotea. Good on ya'.

Love ya'...


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