Monday, February 21, 2011

Earth Quake

 Picture of the day
There has been a huge earth quake in Christ Church, the south Island of NZ today.
The whole country is pulling together to do a search and rescue of missing people.
I am watching the news right now and it is very sad, I hope they can find all the missing people!

Day 22
It is getting really hard to remix the same clothes, but mainly its because I included too many pairs of pants and its been too hot to wear them. 
This has been a great challenge so far because I have really had to think what would look good and what can be mixed and matched.  Normally I would never put the top above with that skirt, but what do you know it worked!


Mel said...

Hi Shannon,

It's just awful isn't it! Looks like we're watching something happening somewhere overseas...

I think you're doing a fab job re-mixing! If I was you and I had all those long pairs of pants that haven't been worn I'd be swapping for shorts and short pants!! I haven't worn anything past my knees since October!!

Haha I'll let you know when I'm happy to let you see our blog... Interesting!!

Take care Mel

beeswax said...

Mel, You have a blog?? Give it up.. I want to see it.

Mel said...

Haha, yes I sure do!! I'm going to blog our trip to the USA and then turn it into a book for Brianna, Jack and Ruby. I have the blog going but no posts as yet, but one is in the making. Wasn't too sure where to start.

I'll let you know...

Mel =0)

beeswax said...

Great Idea. Lacey just made a book of Dean's life so far.
go to this link and see her book from her blog.

The Zoomy's... said...

Haha, come check us out!!!


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