Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today's picture of the day is of some wild flowers that I had planted.
I thought they would never grow, but sure enough they did!

I think I have Mondayitis, everything was annoying me today!  At work today I felt like everything I was told to do was said in such detail that I started to wonder if maybe I had a stupid clueless look on my face?
I guess that is what happens when you are learning, no one wants you to mess anything up so they take 20 minutes to explain how to type something.

Today is day 28 out of 30 for the 30 for 30 remix.
I don't think I have repeated any outfits yet and I only have 2 more days.
While I have really loved remixing these clothes I am excited to get to wear other outfits in my closet.

I think I mentioned in my post over the weekend that I got a little burned in a few places because my sunscreen was not applied evenly.  Everyone always gives me a hard time because I am always reapplying my sunscreen all the time, well the one time I trust that Grant has covered my back and look what happens!
Now everything I wear besides pjs annoys the crap out of me! 

The good thing is no one sees my back or stomach on a regular basis.


beeswax said...

Pretty flowers. Your back looks like an anorexia ad.
Love you.

Lacey said...

I can't believe the 30 days have gone so fast! You made a lot of cute outfits. Oh man that sunburn looks painful, you can tell he didnt think of going under the strap...typical haha.

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