Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Beer Down Many to Go!

Yay its Friday!!!  I have been home one hour and already drank a beer!
The picture of the day is of the outside of my work.  Yes I work in that building, and its very nice inside too.

During my drive home I was super hot and I kept thinking a beer would be very nice.
So that is what I did, I drank a beer when I got home and I will probably drink several more!
We are going to a concert tonight around 8pm and I think it will be lots of fun, I just need to remember to take some pictures.
Today for my remixed outfit I thought rolling the pants would be something cute and new to do, also layering a tank under the button up was a new way to wear that shirt. 
I wasn't even hot till the drive home with no air con.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday or Thursday depending on where you live=)


Renee B. said...

Cute! Love the colors and your sandals with the cropped jeans are so stylish!!! I definitely need a pair of sandals like that!!!

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