Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Season Change???

I am going to talk about several different topics in this post so don't get confused hahahha.

Number one:  Yesterday when I got the mail out of its little box I got excited because there was a fabric store ad informing me of a discount, what I wasn't ready for was in big writing it said end of season sale!  I am so not ready for summer to be over!  It feels like summer has just begun.  The sad thing in NZ is each season really changes on the dot, just today it was much cooler=(  I am sure we will still have hot days its just sad to know that summer is coming to an end and fall is creeping in.

Number two:  This morning as I was driving to work (of course in traffic but I won't go there) I looked in my rear view mirror and what do I see?  A man READING THE NEWS PAPER!!!!!! Now I know a few posts back I said how I was sick of sitting in traffic and I was thinking of getting a book on CD to LISTEN to, well this man has taken that thought to a whole new level!  When the traffic stopped I quickly took a picture of him, as I did this a thought occurred to me, this man is reading and I am taking pics of him, both of us really should be focused on the road but at least a picture takes one second, but reading! GOOD LORD!

This is not the first time I have seen people doing crazy things while driving in NZ.  I have seen a woman putting on mascara, a man eating what looked like a big mac, a woman with a dog in her lap, and Grant once ate an ice cream sundae( it was scary and messy)!

So we can't talk on the phone but we can; eat, read, put on make up, rummage through bags, take pictures, have screaming kids throw stuff at you, and the list goes on forever!

click on the picture to see him larger SO FUNNY!

Outfit of the day
Hahahaha I laugh all by myself
Bangs back and hair up hmmm I must mean business

Picture of the day
My mom requested a picture of my desk area and here it is.  I quickly snapped it first thing before it got all messed up with papers and junk.


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