Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sticky and Hot

Today was extremely sticky and hot.  At work there were times throughout the day where there was no breeze at all!  Talk about uncomfortable.  I just have to say to myself, look its hot just deal with it and move on!

I really struggled to come up with something to take a picture of for the Pic of the day!  So you got my feet!

I know boring, but at least its an interesting angle!

Dress from Kohl's, Belt not sure (guessing Target), shoes from my mom, bracelets from a friend.
You might look at this dress and think it looks perfect for a hot day, but guess again.  It must have been the belt restricting air flow or something, but I was so hot!

Nothing really exciting happened today, went to work at a new time which seemed like there was less traffic, had lunch today at work since I am now staying later, sweat the whole drive home (with no air conditioning in my car), and sat on the computer (of course after modeling in the back yard for myself hahha).

Tomorrow I plan to search out a good picture of the day and you can look forward to Awesome and Awkward!


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