Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time for Awkward and Awesome Again!



Here I am getting silly!

Today turned out to be a fine day, but it didn't start that way!  I woke up my usual time and decided that I would have plenty of time to put together my cousin blog post.  So I write the post add the pictures and hit publish thinking great its done!  Well I then check to see what it looks like and guess what? There are NO pictures and half the text is missing, so I go back in again fix it all and then the Internet cuts out!  So I eventually just leave 5 minutes later than normal and the blog is still not done.  Thank god I was able to email Lacey and she was able to figure it all out.  Honestly there is nothing more annoying in the whole world to me, besides maybe traffic and bad drivers hahhaha.


Realizing you had makeup all over your face but only when you are going through your pics from the night before-Shannon

Trying to use my car door clicker to open everything. Like pointing it at the rubbish bin lid. –Grant

My mom asking the server to box up a bare plate of bones, to go please! Ha Ha just kidding she says –Shannon

Chipping your front tooth while trying to catch a lollie pop with your mouth-Grant

My friend asks the bartender “can we get 2 wet pussys (the drink)” and he replied with “I don’t know can you?” –Shannon

Grant – “awesome is taking a short cut to work and bypassing all the traffic!

Awkward is when robo bitch honks her horn as I pull in front of her on an illegal right turn, and a cop pulls me up at the lights.

Awesome is me going for an Oscar by spinning a story to the cop.

Awkward is the cop telling me it’s a $150 fine and I can expect it in the mail.”

Awesome is realizing that I got away with it because tickets don’t come in the mail!

Awkward is this picture! What is happening??? Oh just a normal Saturday morning at our house.

Great waves on a Wednesday morning –Grant

Eating Popsicles on a hot day-Shannon

Going from extremely humid weather to less humidity – Shannon

Going surfing when everyone else is at work – Grant

Has anyone else noticed how Grant only thinks surfing is awesome?

P.S. What do you think about the pictures being larger??? Good or Bad???


beeswax said...

I like the pictures a little smaller, this was I don't have to scroll to see the entire picture. They looked just fine the way you were doing them. I always click and click again to see your pretty face up close.
Grant has "surfing blinders" on.
Cute outfits.
Love you.

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