Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Work Week Has Begun!

I finally finished a drawing that I have been working on so this is yesterdays picture of the day.
Today I am doing some nannying after work and they have these cute tomatoes lined up on the window sill.

30 For 30 Outfit of the day!
Already on day 7.  When looking through some of the outfits I have already worn I realized I have worn this exact combo but with a different black skirt!  Soo this means I really need to pay attention and maybe look through the combinations I have already made!

These are not the best photos but I had to take them this morning when I was in a rush.
Hope everyone is having a good Monday (or Sunday depending on where you live)!


Anonymous said...

GREAT picture of Elwood. Nice work, kiddo. And I'm loving your outfit of the day series.

Love ya'...


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