Thursday, March 31, 2011

Buns Away

Yesterday Grant went surfing and needed my camera (we only have one to share)
so he took the picture of the day, and what a picture! Wish I was there to see this sunset!

Today's picture is of my hair.
The sock bun!
Its it where you twist your hair around a sock to make a bun.
I might do a separate post about this, which is pretty much copied from a blog I saw called

Today I wore a tank that I thought was too revealing over a t-shirt.
I love to layer clothes that are inappropriate for work over clothes that are appropriate, simple fix. 
skinny jeans = Glassons (NZ brand)
Boots = Thrifted
T-shirt = H&M

  • Today someone at work told me my shirt was tucked into my pants in the back and that it is good it wasn't a skirt.
  • At work someone tried to play an April fools joke on my friend by putting salt in her coffee but I told her before she drank it, I am sorry but salt in coffee is not really an April fools joke.
  • Trying to carry too many folders at once and because I could not see over them I slammed into the door way and bounced off slamming into the door, dropping one and having the door come swinging out and hit me.
  • Asking my boyfriend what was awesome and awkward for him during the week and having him say "nothing" so obviously living and hanging out with me is not awesome ahhahahaa
  • Its Friday in NZ
  • I am going out with a friend tonight for a few drinks
  • Getting to work on some art this weekend

Excellent Thrift Finds

A few weeks ago last week I went thrifting after work.
Time flies when you don't pay attention!
Anyhow I found some great bargains that I will be adding into my fall/winter wardrobe.
Sleeveless sweater vest = $5
I will be able to wear this quite a lot I am guessing.
Over long sleeved shirts and dresses.

Short sleeved turtle neck sweater = $10
This will look great with pants, skirts, and over dresses.
The good thing is the sweater being black and white it matches everything.

Long sleeved button up collar shirt = $5
At first I thought I would cut off the sleeved but my mom and cousin talked me out of it.
They pointed out that I can roll the sleeves and make it look much more stylish.
This could be worn with a belt and stretchy pants, or tied up over a dress, anything really.

Grey sweater dress = $9
On this dress the straps will need to be taken in, but besides that its perfect.
This could be worn will all different color shirts and tights underneath.

And finally
Crazy print silky type skirt = $15
Now this seems a little pricey but besides the fact that it needs a few buttons replaced it is in great condition and it is made really well so I thought if I bought it new it would be 4 times the price.
I can't wait to pair this skirt with all sorts of crazy shirts and colored tights.

Thank god for spell check or sleeve and stretchy would be spelt wrong 50 times!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black and White

This morning on my way to work was the most beautiful sun rise.

Today was the first day wearing my thrifted shirt. It went well =)

The Morning in Auckland

I was feeling a little discouraged today, but the good thing is the day is over and tomorrow is a new start =)

I started an Etsy Shop
Its New

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sherbet like the Ice Cream

Style Wild with Crazy Colors

I feel like this outfit looks like a bowl full of sherbet ice cream.
You can tell by the leaves around my feet that Fall has arrived.
I am looking at fall in a positive manner, new season, new wardrobe.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pencil Skirt Tutorial

I got this great idea to make a pencil skirt from a blog that I read all the time called Cotton and Curls.
I saw how easy it is to make the skirt and realized how much streachy material I have that I have no plan for and I decieded that I need a pencil skirt.
All you have to do is measure around your waist, hips, and knees.
Also measure the length from your waist to your knees.

Divide the waist, hips, and knee measurements in half and that will be how wide the skirt is when you cut it out.  Make sure you pin along the outside of the skirt before you cut it out so you have a line to follow when cutting.  Make sure you allow some room for the sewing, I didn't have to because my material was so super strechy.
Once you cut out the skirt just sew up the sides and its done!
Of course feel free to hem the skirt if you feel like it, I did just to make it look a little more finished.

If you double click the picture below you can see how I did my measurements. 
Then its done! YAY

I got my idea for this skirt from the blog Cotton and Curls.

A Cut Above

Today after work I got my hair cut.
I know it looks the same hahaha it was more of a hair trim.
My friend Mel cuts my hair so it was great to see her and little Ruby (her daughter).
Thanks Mel for the Great cut.

Above is a picture on my way home from Mel's house, they live in the country.
I think this outfit would look better with taller shoes, but where I work tall shoes are just too much.

Crazy Shirt = Golf Punk (NZ)
Stretch pants = American Apparel
Cheap Shoes = The Warehouse (NZ)

Tomorrow I will have a tutorial on a skirt that I made.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


What I wore
Last night we went out with Tom, Alina, and a girl that I have made friends with at work.
We went to a really yummy Indian place for dinner called Bolliwood on Ponsonby Rd.
I got the chicken Korma and it was delicious!  After dinner we walked the streets for a bar that had music and people.  It took a little while but we finally found a fun place.  We did a little dancing but everyone had to leave early to catch the bus home.  I was happy to go because I didn't want to drink anymore especially after what happened last weekend (over drinking). 
Above I am wearing a dress bought in NZ
Leggings bought at Kohl's
Boots bought at Kohl's
The dress sash I put in my hair as a head band and used a different belt.

I thought the picture of the day should be what I worked on all day yesterday.
A drawing for my blog header.  It turned out exactly how I wanted.
Although I could have spent more time on the drawing to make it perfect but I purposely wanted it to look like a sketch type drawing not a photo. 

Today's To Do List
  • Grocery shopping = Boo
  • Switching my clothes out from summer to Fall = yay
  • Cleaning the house up = Boo
  • Working on some art = Yay
Best to start now, Happy Weekend =)

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Header

Yesterday I started thinking about my blog and I realized the header I had just didn't seem to fit the theme of the blog.  For one it was too small and did not fit on the screen properly and it was two pictures of me.  I think there are enough pictures of me on the blog already without putting 2 more on the header, sooo I came up with something new.

I decided I would do a drawing for the header because I am an artist after all.  As you can see above I decided on a margarita, some high heels and my hand drawing the heels.

The margarita stands for the fun and party stories on my blog and it is my favorite drink!
The high heels stand for the stories about fashion and clothes, that I am really into right now, and of course the hand with a pencil shows how I love to draw, how I am an artist and how I am always creating.

I am happy with the way it turned out although I might have to make to still do a few tweaks here and there.

Going out for a few drinks tonight with some friend so I should have a good story and outfit picture tomorrow.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Asking Grant to take the trash out, going to put some trash in the bin and realizing the front door is open.  I ask Grant why is the front door open?  He responds you will see.  What does that mean I say? He says you will see. What? I go to throw away the trash and see its gone.  I solved the puzzle yay for me.
  • Telling the guy I work with I can't find the invoices he wants and that they must not be in the folders.  Looking again in the wrong month and finding them! OY lesson learned just keep looking.
  • Screaming out when seeing a huge cockroach at work!
  • My coworker killed the roach!
  • Finding some good clothes at the thrift store
  • Realizing I can drive and listen to books on CD
  • Work for the week is over...Awesome!

My necklace as my initial.

OMG My gig is Gone

Google just said that I ran out of gig to up load my photos!
So problem solved I was able to buy some more whew what a relief!
I am wearing
Hooded dress = Federation (NZ brand)
Shoes = The Warehouse (NZ Store)
Head band = Target
Bracelet = American Eagle Outfitters (from Teresa) 

I ran out of gig right before after this above pic so there is no picture of the day.
I hope I have more gig by tomorrow.
Looking forward to Friday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hump Day

This morning I picked out an outfit, put it on, and realized it was all wrong!
So I started again and ended up with this

Not my best outfit, pointing out how I have to start thinking ahead.

Also while posing I look down and see this praying mantis!
If you know me you will know I hate bugs, so I had to take all my pictures away from the bug.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lone Thrifter

So today after work I headed to one of our local clothing thrift stores.
Thrifting would be so much easier if I had someone with me who is stylish to bounce ideas off of.
I ended up with a jean jacket for $14.
And a stripped t-shirt for $4. 
I have some major plans for this t!  I am not sure if I will save the arms or not but it will look different!
I do have one comment about the thrift stores in NZ in general, I feel they are over priced!  Its OK for a jean jacket to be $14, because I have a feeling it was never worn, but I must say most of their plain t - shirts are way over priced, they are trying to sell them for $7 to $8!  A used t- shirt should be $1 to $2, in my opinion.

This is what I wore today
It ended up being hot today, will I ever get it right hahhaha

Today is my second day of listening to a book on CD during my car ride to and from work.
I am surprised at how much I love listening to a book while driving.  I am way more calm and ok with being stuck in traffic.  Now if I could only find a book I want to listen to hahaha (the one I got is not that great).

Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Big Question?

Friday night we went to my friends Alina and Tom's new house.
I wore the above outfit to work but instead of the boots I wore sandals.

Like I said in the last blog post all day Saturday I was sick from Friday night.
I thought I was going to die.  I did nothing but sleep and get sick the entire day!
I will not be drinking for a long time!

On Sunday my camera went on a mini vacation/surf trip to Raglan.
Of course Grant went as well to take all the pictures.
I stayed home and caught up on all sorts of house related tasks.

I found enough time to buy some new very cheap shoes, and bake a cake.

Question of the day???
What do you guys think of the black knee high socks?
Yes or No
Good or Bad
Maybe just not this outfit?
Help a sister out!
(also below are the new shoes)
above is how I wore the outfit today and below was me trying it on
(maybe with a shoe with more of a heel?)
I just don't know.
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