Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It must be officially FALL here, the mornings are freezing.  It feels like the weather changed over night.  It still gets warm in the afternoons but the mornings and nights are now cool.

Today after work I came home and decided to alter my dark pink sweater that has never really fit right.
I will do a detailed post on the sweater and how it turned out soon.

I didn't know how to dress today because it is really cool in the morning but warm by noon.
SO I thought I would put leggings under the dress to keep me warm.
I didn't have time to go to the grocery store today so we got take aways again.
When Grant got home with the food he said lets try to drive and get a picture of the sunset, but we were too slow so instead we parked in a pretty spot by the beach and ate.  It was like a picnic only in the car =)
Happy Hump Day


kristen said...

dang look at that muscular calf! ;)

Danielle C said...

cute outfit! I've been wanting a sewing machine... I think I'll have a hard time learning but .. first I need to save up for one lol

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