Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Asking Grant to take the trash out, going to put some trash in the bin and realizing the front door is open.  I ask Grant why is the front door open?  He responds you will see.  What does that mean I say? He says you will see. What? I go to throw away the trash and see its gone.  I solved the puzzle yay for me.
  • Telling the guy I work with I can't find the invoices he wants and that they must not be in the folders.  Looking again in the wrong month and finding them! OY lesson learned just keep looking.
  • Screaming out when seeing a huge cockroach at work!
  • My coworker killed the roach!
  • Finding some good clothes at the thrift store
  • Realizing I can drive and listen to books on CD
  • Work for the week is over...Awesome!

My necklace as my initial.


Meredith said...

you're so cute! i love stripes and your header is so cool. my little sister got all the artsy genes in our fam for sure. i can't draw at.all. no joke :)

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