Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Full Day

Yesterday started out with my dad and I going out to a nice breakfast.  About half way through we recognized Grants dad sitting a few tables away finishing his breakfast with a friend, small world in NZ ha ha.

Around 2pm Grant got home from surfing and we decided that we would go to the races because they had been postponed from the night before.  As we walked up someone gave us 2 free tickets !!! Score =)
It turned out to be freezing!  Fall has arrived.

Grant and his dad look so much a like.

Look they even make the same faces. Serious face.

After the fun at the races we headed out to a late dinner at a Mexican food Restaurant in Kingsland.
The food and drinks were amazing but the music was a little loud.

As I was getting out of the car when we finally arrived home some how I slammed my finger in the door.  I can not figure how I did it but wham bam slam and it instantly hurt and turned black!
Grant said we have to drill it to relieve the pressure.  I laid on the kitchen floor covering my eyes and screamed while my dad held my hand down and Grant drilled my finger!  I asked my dad to stand on my foot (to distract me) when grant stuck a needle in the drill hole to get more blood out.

Lets just say I am glad I didn't have to see any of it cause I would have for sure fainted.
For about 10 minutes after the "surgery" I laid on the kitchen floor with my finger in a bowl of water.
I am hoping to high heaven I don't loose my finger nail, cause lets be honest it won't be "pretty".
Today my dad flies home and life will return back to its regular scheduled program lol.
I hope that my finger heals quickly because it really is still sore.


The Zoomy's... said...

The seasons have definately turned huh!! Looks like you had fun at Speedway anyway!!

OMG jamming your finger is one of the worst pains! A couple years back I had my finger squished in the hinge end of a door (not too sure why it was in there in the first place...), my fingernail popped out at the other end so I had to go to the Dr. Well he said it has to come off so gave me a local and whipped it off. It was so ugly, I actually needed stitches in the nail bed I had done such a good job. I totally sympathize with you!!

Take care and look after that finger!!!

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