Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ok I know there have been a lot of pictures of flowers for the picture of the day, but I think this one turned out really nice! Plus we need to enjoy the flowers before Autumn kicks in and they all die =(

Today I seem to be channeling some sort of look from the 1950's, and I like it!  I have my sun glasses on my head because my hair was out of control, since then I have cut my bangs (called fringe in NZ) and am looking even more 1950's with my short bangs, yikes!!!

One funny thing is the picture of the door below leads to our bathroom hahahha.
Who has ever thought about putting a door from the toilet straight into the back yard?
The land lady tired to explain how cool she thought this was when we first checked out the house hahhahahah, maybe cool cause you are not living here lol.
It looks like the there is a snake attacking me!
No need to worry there are NO snakes in NZ.

Awkward and Awesome funny story of the day.
The lady I work with and I drove to get some take away lunch today, we arrived, grabbed some pre made food and headed back out to her car.  As we walk up we see someone has parked so close to her car that she can not fit between the 2 cars to get in.  Soo I squeeze through just barley and get in the car to back it out, while she writes "YOU IDIOT" on a piece of paper to stick on the car's window.  In the mean time the man comes out to get in his car and she says to him YOU IDIOT, and the man looks at her and asks what did you say, and she repeats YOU IDIOT! hahhahahah lol lol
The man simply gets in his car and drives away!  It was soo funny!  Her and I were laughing and since then she has decided that idiot is her new word.


Candace Stevenson said...

I LOVE that outfit miss
Dude I LOVE the Daybook! <3 !

Enter my GIVEAWAY ay-sap! :)

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