Thursday, March 17, 2011

Its Over

The days of doing anything and everything in the hopes of a good time are over!

When I was 21 years old going out would have been something a little like this:
Getting ready = 2 hours
Pre Partying at home= yes
Drunk before you get to the club = yes
Waiting in lines for hours = yes
If you can't get in the first bar = Go to the next one!
Drinking till you can barely make it home = yes

This is how the night went at 27 years old:
Got dressed up = 5 minutes
Deciding traveling to town was too much effort = yes
Going to the local bars  = easy parking
Getting to the the bar where all our friends are = Huge line to get into bar
Waiting 20 minutes in line = Giving up and going to bar next door
Going into bar next door and realizing there is a huge line for a drink = giving up and going home
Being home and in pj's eating ice cream at 9:30 pm = did not even have one drink the whole day!

St Patrick's Day = Over
Oh to be 21 again!


Anna said...

Atleast you made an attempt...I made corn beef and cabbage and didn't even get to have one beer.

Anonymous said...

I never got out of my sweats, and never left the house. Worked for me.

Love ya'...


The Zoomy's... said...

Oh Shannon, that's what happens on St Patricks Day!! We went to one of the bars on the airfield and they had green food colouring in everything!! We didn't stay long as Ruby has tonsilitis, I just had to get out of the house!!

Are you coming to the drags this weekend?

Oh, the ad was fine with me. I have the rest of the 2010 trip saved in drafts, photos attached just need to add some words. What a huge job!!

Take care

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