Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Day of REMIXING

I did it!
For 30 days I only remixed 30 items of clothing and shoes. There were many times that I thought I might run out of options, but I just stood back, tried on a few items, thought about what I have worn and what could be switched around and it worked.

Don't tell anyone but there was a moment where I thought no one will know if I just wear something different, but don't worry I didn't give into temptation!

Today's photo is of my drive home, just proving that traffic looks the same in every country.

My dad is here right now in NZ on a fishing trip with his friends, even though I have no contact with him because he is on a boat some where in the ocean near the very north of NZ, I did get this email from him.

"Yesterday was one of the great fishing days of my life. I caught my biggest fish ever, a 65.0 kg (364 pound) Blue Marlin. The battle took 1-1/2 hours, and was epic. I caught the fish in stand-up gear, which means I didn’t use the chair, but just my body to subdue the monster.

Suffice to say there was a huge party on board last night, and I feel much better this morning than I probably should given the fight and the Jack (Daniels). I’m in fishing heaven, and we’re going to try to hook Joe into a big fish today, then slide into the Bay of Islands to either Russell or Paihia for the night." - CARL OLSON

While all of us are working my dad is murdering all the fish of New Zealand hahahha Just kidding, seems from the email that he is having a great vacation. I can't wait to hear about his whole trip.


beeswax said...

Congratulations on the Remixing project. You did a fine job and hopefully you learned about changing things up a bit when it comes to selecting clothes. I can't wait to see what you wear now that you can choose anything. You must continue posting your outfit for the day, because you have us followers who will be waiting to see. It's part of my daily entertainment.
Love you.

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