Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lone Thrifter

So today after work I headed to one of our local clothing thrift stores.
Thrifting would be so much easier if I had someone with me who is stylish to bounce ideas off of.
I ended up with a jean jacket for $14.
And a stripped t-shirt for $4. 
I have some major plans for this t!  I am not sure if I will save the arms or not but it will look different!
I do have one comment about the thrift stores in NZ in general, I feel they are over priced!  Its OK for a jean jacket to be $14, because I have a feeling it was never worn, but I must say most of their plain t - shirts are way over priced, they are trying to sell them for $7 to $8!  A used t- shirt should be $1 to $2, in my opinion.

This is what I wore today
It ended up being hot today, will I ever get it right hahhaha

Today is my second day of listening to a book on CD during my car ride to and from work.
I am surprised at how much I love listening to a book while driving.  I am way more calm and ok with being stuck in traffic.  Now if I could only find a book I want to listen to hahaha (the one I got is not that great).


beeswax said...

Very cute outfit today, it suits you well. That jean jacket could use some frillying up.. Lace, sequines.... who knows.
Love you.

Anna said...

I am not sure if I'd classify Save Mart for a thrift store, I think they're just a private second hand store. Very overpriced here, it's hard to catch a bargain! Do they have Salvation Army up there, that's the only place that seems to be decent priced thrift stuff for clothes, but often overpriced on furniture type things. Just think of how much you're saving against store prices!

Sweet Pea said...

Super cute outfit. You alway look soo cute. kinda jealous :)

Lacey said...

ahh one day we will get to go thrifting together! Cant wait to see what you do with the shirt. I went Friday and found some skirts but I didn't try them on and one is so small I need to lose like 5 lbs to wear it ha ha. ooops

The Zoomy's... said...

I have been looking at my wardrobe and surfing blogs for inspiration, when you come round for you haircut nextweek I'll show you some ideas, I'm getting in that crafty fix it up mood again and I haven't been there since Brianna was Rubys age... EXCITING to use the ol' sewing machine for more than taking up jeans!! Try hospice shops and the like too and watch out for $1Res irems on TM... you'll be suprised!!!

Take crae,

Anonymous said...

Loving this simple yet adorable look!

Frenchy said...

Love your outfit and your finds..i agree seems a little expensive. I love that you change the clothes. Oh fun !
NZ sounds so beautiful !
Come follow me back :)

Modest Fashion Sense said...

So cute! THanks for adding on Thrifty Thursday! I hope to see you there next week too :D

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