Thursday, March 24, 2011

OMG My gig is Gone

Google just said that I ran out of gig to up load my photos!
So problem solved I was able to buy some more whew what a relief!
I am wearing
Hooded dress = Federation (NZ brand)
Shoes = The Warehouse (NZ Store)
Head band = Target
Bracelet = American Eagle Outfitters (from Teresa) 

I ran out of gig right before after this above pic so there is no picture of the day.
I hope I have more gig by tomorrow.
Looking forward to Friday!


The Zoomy's... said...

Love the dress, federation is quite a funky NZ designer label!!

I'll have to show you my 're-fashioned' skirt, I've just finished and I'm real happy with myself!! I need to get my 2010 trip done and dusted so I can blog about the NOW!!

Take care

PS how does Monday sound for a new hair doo??

beeswax said...

Shannon, Couldn't you just go to the start of your blog and delete the earliest photos to leave room. Better yet, by deleting the movies on the blog, you would free up lots of space.

Shannon Olson said...

NOOOOO mom don't delete any!!!!!!!! It deletes them from your blog forever! so don't think about doing that its not good!

Mel Monday sounds great =) Can't wait to see your new / old clothes

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