Monday, February 28, 2011


Last week at exactly 12:51 on Tuesday is when the earth quake hit Christchurch.
Today, exactly one week after the earthquake hit everyone in NZ stood still and silent for 2 minutes.
It didn't matter where you were or what you were doing you just sat still and silent to think about the people who have lost their lives.
As of now the death toll stands at 154, with police expecting it to reach about 240.

Picture found here

Above pictures and more can be found here.

One interesting thing that happened today in Christchurch is a crane worker found a time capsule that was hidden under a statue that fell over in the earth quake.  The statue was erected in 1867, so it should be fun to see what is in the time capsule and what they would have thought was important back then.

DAY # 29
Only one day to go for the remix.
Let me just say this skirt and top itched my sunburn all day, nothing is more annoying then itchy red skin!
Today was a much better day then yesterday, I think yesterday I was just in a bad mood.  I do think everyone in NZ's mood is affected by the earth quake even if they don't know it.  I guess it just feels like everyone is a little more serious then normal.
Today's picture of the day is of the book I am currently reading.
Hopefully I can remember to take a picture of all the books I read that way I will know how many I read in a year.  I like this book so far, but I don't love it.

Oh yeah today is March First and that means that in NZ it is the first day of Autumn or what we call Fall.
I can not believe summer is over, but I have started to notice the change.  In the morning and in the night it is getting a little cooler than it was just a week ago.  This means 2 things for me: 1. I will be wearing tights again soon and 2. I will have to find all my Nana blankets to put on my side of the bed =)


The Zoomy's... said...

The 2 minutes silence was overwhelming. Craig, Ruby and myself all wore red and black today.

It's just so surreal still!!

I'd love to have a read of that book when you're done!! I'm getting there with the 'Glass Castle'. I love that book, thanks for passing it on!!


Shannon Olson said...

Mel you are welcome to read this book when I am done and I still have the third in the series for you too! =)

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