Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter 2011

Friday night we went to a friends house and watched the rugby.
When we got home I was looking at blogs and came across this post about tying up your hair to make a fake bob style.
Looks sorta like a rats nest but I think if I give it another try it will look better. 

Saturday was nice and sunny and the waves were supposedly really good at Maori Bay, so we decided to head to the beach.
I think the cosmos had a different idea of how the day was going to go.

First thing Grant puts on his new sun glasses that cost lots of moola and finds there is a huge deep scratch on them on the inside of the lens, how did it happen? we will never know!
We then get in the car and head to the beach, we got about 2 min from our house and hear a weird noise, pull over and the back left tire is totally flat!

I have to walk back to our house get my car pick up Grant and the tire and drive to the tire place.  Lucky for us they were still open and it only cost $20 to fix.
When we get to the beach the waves are no good for surfing lol.
Oh well at least we enjoyed the nice weather and I was forced to go on a walk hahhaha.

Waiting for the tire repair.

Maori Bay
Being the poser I am!

Get my picture while I hold this pose for 20 minutes hahahha

Saturday night we met Tom and Alina for dinner in Ponsonby for Thai food. 
The food was great, I got the cashew chicken as usual and it was delicious.
Grant said take my outfit picture hahahaha 
He is the best looking guy, should be a model...ok maybe not

Today is Easter and so far we have breakfast and a chocolate egg and its already 241pm,
Where is this day going?


Ashley said...

darling blog! just a fellow refashionista here connecting with my peeps! I will keep reading! I hope you post pics of new zealand I love it there!

beeswax said...

Love the pictures of you by the sea, so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your makeup looks amazing in the last photo - of you, not Grant! ; )

Sharde said...

maori bay looks gorgeous! why didn't you invite me!

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