Friday, April 15, 2011

Grant's Birthday

Yesterday was Grant's birthday.
After I got home from work I made him some of his favorite cookies.
He opened his gift from me and my parents.

He wore the shirt that my mom and dad gave him out.

I got changed into my black dress and boots.

We went to dinner at Portofino in Takapuna and after we met some friends at the Macs bar.

Everyone had a great time.

After the Macs Bar we went to the Copper Room.
Alina and I took a picture with a cop.

We got home around 1am.

The story now will get interesting.
This morning I woke up around 750am so we could go and get our car before we got a ticket.
I walked into the kitchen and said "what the hell is going on?"
One of the cookies from the tray was across the kitchen near the stove, with a trail of crumbs.
I asked Grant "did you throw a cookie last night?"
Grant came running into the room, and after a little investigation we realized that a rat must have eaten part of a cookie and then picked it up and walked all the way to the stove and dropped it!

From the tray all the way to the corner near the stove.
The cookie had huge teeth marks in it!
We threw away all the cookies that were near the edge that he grabbed from!


Time to get some traps!!!


beeswax said...

Use one of those cookies in your mouse trap. Must be Kiwi rats, they like Afgan cookies.

Lacey said...

looks like Grant had a fun day, tell him we all wish him a happy birthday!

oh man! little cookie thief, let us know if you catch it!

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