Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Outfit Evolution Number One

A few weeks ago I got to thinking about how to make a clothing post more interesting.
That is when an idea popped into my head! Outfit Evolution!
I will take pictures of my outfit as I am putting it together.

I cut off my head on purpose, no one needed to see the weird faces I was making.
I started with a white shirt and black skirt from H&M
Adding black wool tights and my boots 

I then added a necklace and my sweater from my mom.
After looking at the picture I realized something was missing, so I added the belt.
p.s I do not try to get my hair that big! even if I straighten it I wake up and low and behold I have huge pageant hair.

Here is the outfit at the end of the day minus the sweater. 

Today I felt like a zombie, going through the day like I wasn't really there.
I guess when you do the same routine everyday you don't even need to pay attention hahahha.


oil painting workshop said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Great post idea. I do sometimes wonder how people put together their outfits.

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Morgan said...

Cute! I love the outfit evolution idea!

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