Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Outfit Flop and Mr. Model

Today was an outfit flop!
Last night I picked out an outfit that I thought would look cute.
In my head It was a real winner, but I when I put it on in the morning I looked like I was a pirate or someone who forgot to wear pants, it was a real toss up.
Anyhow the funky outfit combined with me waking up 10 min late made me rip off what I had on and put this on!  When I got to work I started thinking what in the world am I wearing?

My thoughts were confirmed when one of the guys asked if I was trying out for a role in the gladiator movie!
SO funny, I guess everything can't be great.
Too many different colors and it just felt uncomfortable, oh well next time I try it on.

Last night we went out to dinner and Grant came out of the room wearing this and posing.
I asked do you want me to take your picture and he said yeah
so here is the MR. Model
Funny faces and all. 

We are going out to a comedy club tonight, hope its funny!


Rachel said...

Ha! Gladiator role. I love the gladiator sandals - sooo cute!

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